May Lottery Result

Dear Fellow Investors

With the sun shining on the Beer Festival this weekend it shamelessly shone on our home umpire, Phil Lovesay, who won first prize this month. Phil’s luck has been tremendous this season all, perhaps, due to his purchase of a second draw number. Should any of you not having won for a while start wondering how it’s done you’ll have to ask President Geoff who drew his number today! Well done Phil.

Full results this month are:

34 Phil Lovesay ~ £40

42 Stuart Pulford ~ £30

20 Shirley Frankis ~ £20

15 Richard Cummins ~ £10

Simon will despatch cheques to the winners shortly.

Having amassed £240 in his investment career with our lottery Kevin McIntyre has generously agreed that any future wins he may have are to be gifted to the Club; many thanks, Kevin. I’ll have to make sure your number comes up a few times.......................!!

The June draw will take place at the race night on 16th June.


4s Skipper Steve Hearsey draws one of the lucky numbers

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