May Lottery Draw

Dear Fellow Investors

The drum has rolled around again finding favour amongst some of you. I offer my regrets should you not be in that lucky quartet.

The winners are:

25 Andy Frankis ~ £40

39 Kevin McIntyre ~ £30

32 Martin Lambrecht ~ £20

40 Margaret Lewis [2] ~ £10

Simon will dispatch cheques to the winners though Kevin has already indicated any winnings for him will be retained by the Club. If that remains the case, Kevin, may I thank you for your generosity; otherwise you’ll have to wrench your dues from Simon!

With the Cricket World Cup just around the corner the game will be much enjoyed by many and, one hopes, the spin-off for Clubs like ours will be renewed interest in the game AND some good quality players as new Members. Please be reminded that if your family & friends would like to support the Club by involving themselves in this monthly Draw please ask them to get in touch with me.

Thank you.

Regards to all.


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