June Lottery

Dear Fellow Investors

It was a great delight to take our Club Chairman to the Club yesterday following his recent hospitalisation.  To earn his cuppa from Kate he was invited to draw the successful numbers for the month. Luck followed the following:

9 Martin Sapwell ~ £40

34 Phil Lovesay ~ £30

2 Gerald Baker ~ £20

37 Me!! ~ £10

Simon will send cheques to Martin & Gerald but another ‘thank you’ to Phil for donating his winnings back to Club funds.  I’ve also decided to do likewise this month!!

Last month Simon was able to transfer the 2018/19 surplus from our lottery account to Club funds amounting to over £1300.  A huge ‘thank you’ to you all for maintaining this support of the Club’s financial affairs.  I’ve been asked to let you know that such funds have contributed replacement pavilion doors and a new roller engine.  Another project identified for heavy expenditure is replacement felting for the Clubhouse roof.


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