July Lottery

Dear Members & Investors

Well, well! The claim that ‘cricket balls are the vector of COVID’ appears to have rubbed off in a matter of days since the announcement was made to prevent the return of the local game. The game won; thankfully! Around the country the late start to the season has been greeted with many lovely stories of renewed friendships as well as seeking out the musty old whites. Of the stories abounding one that may tickle fancies is the thought of reapplying the proverbial jock strap and box, walking to the ground in some discomfort and drawing embarrassment from fellow walkers wondering whether the face mask had been applied correctly. Isn’t that part of the charm of cricket?

Seaford CC was well prepared last weekend with some inter-club games taking place on the relaid square which, by all accounts, ‘played well’! I’m sure all players involved would have bought Geoff a well earned drink – somehow! So with the cricket season finally under way the monthly joy at receiving this email will not be quite so well anticipated – except, perhaps, by those winners announced below.

I believe Simon has now changed his method of paying winners so I’m sure he’ll be getting around to despatching joy to the following shortly:

39 Kevin McIntyre ~ £40

29 Clive Chipper ~ £30

11 Chris Ward ~ £20

48 Tom Riley ~ £10 [Tom has only just joined the lottery club and by having two draw numbers his chances of a win have drawn immediate benefit; well done Tom]

Regards to all.

Mike Miller

100 Club Lottery Organiser

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